Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Visit to the Pacific Science Center

Space Needle

Claire was scared of the dinosaurs

Admiring the butterflies and fish

Seattle Center fountain

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Since Christmas

We went bowling as a family the day after Christmas. After watching the Reading Rainbow episode about bowling at least 10 times, Claire was really interested in it and had a good time thanks to the ramp, bumpers, and a 4 lb ball.

Claire and Greta went with their Daddy to the Elders Quorum post-Xmas party. Claire pigged out on pizza.

Tae Hyun brought build a bears for Greta and Claire on New Year's Eve

Claire felt a little lousy on New Years Day...

But soon was feeling great! She watched Frozen 3x and now declares it her favorite movie.

Greta tried cucumber for the first time...

...and enjoyed Claire's antics in the tent.

Greta also loves the tent from Grandma
Daddy went skiing on New Year's Day. Claire wants to ski, too!

Christmas 2015

Santa filled her stocking!

Opening presents. Bless Dale's heart for putting this one together.

Loving the tent from Grandma. She refused to come out to open more presents.

In the tent with Shizuku

Shizuku got Claire an adorable and super soft Totoro blanket

Ooh, my stocking!

Is that a diaper? Oh boy!

Santa brought me a banana!

Helping Dad open her gift

A Totoro hat from Shizuku. It was hard to get her to hold still.