Sunday, April 19, 2015

Utah - February 2015

Unfortunately, by this point of the trip we started to get pretty bad at taking photos. Sorry to those of you we visited with whom we have no photos!

With Great Grandma Winifred. 98 years young!

Claire was fascinated by Aunt Allie's cat

Uncle Mark with Baby Olivia

Uncle Adam reading to Claire

Selfie of Auntie Liz with Olivia

Claire went swimming at our hotel!

Grandma showing Olivia to Claire
Mark taking a photo of the same moment


Reading with Auntie Jill and Uncle Andrew

Teaching Olivia the art of the cheesy smile

This lasted for about 5 seconds.

Las Vegas - February 2015

We stayed on the Strip at the Flamingo hotel & casino


At the Bellagio Botanical Gardens - themed for the Chinese New Year

The Statue of Liberty of Chocolate at the Hershey's store.
Unfortunately their employees aren't very good with cameras.

Gigantic eyeballs floating around before the Blue Man Group performance
Cheesy smile at the breakfast buffet

Claire made a friend looking at fish at the Mirage Hotel

Enjoying her Dum-Dum more than the cacti at the Botanical Cactus Garden
Having fun at a playground

Looking at fish at The Flamingo

Claire eating an E-Claire at the Paris buffet

So glad we got to see Julia and spend some time with her!

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam - February 2015


"Climbing da mountain"

Super tired, post-protein bar

Hoover Dam

That tunnel going down is monstrous.

Crazy bridge that goes over the dam. We drove over it.

Arizona/Oliver Visit - February 2015

So much fun with cousins!

Regan and Claire


Enjoying her freedom

Family photo!

So much to explore!

Regan, Claire, Mark

Claire with Turner

Having fun with Auntie Leslie's glasses

Watching fish with "Dodo"

Claire with the 3 youngest Olivers - Cooper, Turner, Regan