Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

One of Claire's favorite things to do at the bowling alley

Mark caught one of the dumb bunnies!

Enjoying fresh plums from our tree

Yukata from Tomoya's family

Claire loved the selfie stick and everyone was entertained by her.

This happens pretty much every morning

Riding the horse statue at Country Village

A wonderful artist left some chalk My Little Pony drawings at the Kenmore Elementary playground. Claire was ecstatic.

Fish slide at Carkeek Park

Beach at Carkeek Park

Starfish sighting!

Mom, Claire, and Greta went on several bike rides to Matthew's Beach over the summer. This one was documented.

Playing in Swamp Creek

At the zoo

Tomoya is very good with Claire

Claire loved her new Mario Kart sheets

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Evergreen State Fair

Greta loved the petting zoo. Claire, not so much.

She ate the whole gigantic churro.

Deep fried Snickers. Wasn't as good as you would expect.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Claire decided to sneak out of her bed so she could fall asleep in the hallway.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

YW Camp 2016

I had the chance to go to YW camp as a leader for the first time this year. I was with the 4th years, which involved a 2-night backpacking adventure before camp started. This was my first backpacking experience. Aside from the hail, rain, and 20+ degree temperature drop from Day 1 to Day 2, it was a lot of fun!

(Not all of the photos are in order. Sorry. It would have taken too much time.)

Hike leaders: Eileen, Liz, Jane. Before we got all sweaty and dirty.
Starting up the trail to Thorp Lake
At camp with Kenzie.
My first ever Mountain House meal. It was lacking and very very salty.

Yeah, I think next time I'll stick with Top Ramen.

Giving a devotional the next morning and attempting to stay warm.
In case you're wondering, there was a fire ban.
Can you tell it was windy?
View on the way up to the lookout point

Our whole group at the lookout point on Day 2. Ten minutes later it started hailing and pouring down rain.

After our descent on Day 3

Clean up at Roslyn cemetery - camp service project

Giant slip n slide at Ensign Ranch
Hurdling action shot