Thursday, June 30, 2016

Utah Trip June 2016

While Joe was visiting, we took a road trip to Utah for 5 days to visit our brothers there and a few of my friends. Unfortunately I didn't take as many photos as I should have - I didn't even get a single photo with Jill or Adam! But here's the ones I do have.
Claire and Olivia enjoying their popsicles

Olivia and Claire reading with Uncle Joe

Fun at the mall!

Claire dropped her ice cream.

It was a very sad moment

Christus statue

This was the best sisters photo I was able to get with the temple.

Olivia and Claire playing in the reflection pool

We visited Val and her family. And the only photo I took was this one of Greta in their dog cage.

Greta loves the splash pad more than Claire.

June 2016

June was a busy month! Liz's friend Silvana from Peru came and visited us from Utah, and Uncle Joe also came to visit. We had lots of adventures and did lots of touristy things.

Greta likes the Kenmore Elementary slide!

Vamos PerĂº!

Kerry Park

Outside the Space Needle

Seattle Center fountain with Silvana

First time on the Great Wheel

Claire had a really cool rainbow reflection on her neck when we got off the Great Wheel.

Surrey bicycle with Joe and Silvana at Alki Beach

Claire got a cool Pinky Pie from Muk and his girlfriend

Riding her horsey from Auntie Becca

Greta finally warmed up to Uncle Joe

Picking raspberries

Banana slug at Discovery Park. Standard water bottle for size.

Discovery Beach

A shell! 

Korean BBQ feast

Fun with Anna and Matthew at Swamp Creek 

First swimming lessons

The penguin at the zoo really loved Claire's leaf

Giving Daniel Tiger a high five

Claire went to the movies for the first time with Dad - Finding Dory!

Greta sometimes gets to go to nursery when Dad is asked to substitute there. She loves the bubble machine.