Monday, November 9, 2015

Northwest Trek

Claire, Greta, and I, along with our friends Kat and Emi decided to check out Northwest Trek on Friday. It was a lot of fun and the weather cooperated with us too! We took the hour long tram ride then walked around to the other animal exhibits. Unfortunately most of the bears were in hiding but we got to see a lot of different animals! Enjoy the photos.

Banana slug!

Claire was so excited every time we walked by this "little stream"

Recent photos

Girls selfie

Claire loves cleaning
So peaceful

Claire fed Greta 3 spoonsful

Thanks for my new gear, Auntie Rachael!

Eating the Halloween card from Aunt Lois

Halloween costume!

Loot from Marchex trick or treating

Claire loves Uncle Kurt
Halloween is exhausting!

Eating the Halloween card from Grandma and Grandpa. I sense a pattern.

At Aurora's Sesame Street birthday party. The other girl in the photo is not Aurora for the record.

This cupcake was a disaster. I was hyperventilating from stress watching Claire eat the frosting.

Yes, the dye came through in Claire's poop the next day.

Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood

Claire and Dad made a super tall tower
"Feeding the ducks" with Dad

6 month checkup. Greta sure likes paper right now.

She also enjoys looking at herself in the mirror.